B the Change #bthechange

We want to celebrate and reward you for being a part of the B the Change team. Here are some ways you can do something—we're sure you can think of many more. Just use #bthechange to show us how you are using business as a force for good and you'll be eligible to win special offers and rewards from the B Corp community. Let's go!

Like a B Corp or any individual B Corp on FACEBOOK: Tell a B Corp you love them on Facebook or Twitter: Follow a B Corp or any individual B Corp on Twitter: Start a Twitter campaign to invite your favorite company to become a B Corp: Shine a light on a Changemaker using #bthechange: Help a company (maybe yours) to be a better business: Share a story, photo, or video of a Changemaker: Volunteer in your community: Substitute a B Corp product for another in your home: Substitute a B Corp for a vendor at your work: Move your money to a community bank or credit union: Drive a hybrid or electric car: Ride your bike or take public transportation to work.

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