Attract and Engage Talent

According to Harvard Business Review, millennials, roughly 50% of the global workforce, want work that connects to a larger purpose. According to Hewitt Associates, companies with higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the stock market by nearly 20%.

B Corp certification demonstrates to employees that their company walks its talk and gives them tools to set goals for continuous improvement.

9 out of 10 interviewees listed Azavea's B Corp status as why they were interested in the job." Robert Cheetham, CEO, Azavea
We've been able to attract a group of people that you wouldn't usually find in an office supply company of our size: highly competent, engaged, hard working." Sean Marx, Co-Founder, Give Something Back
We found our customer service manager through the B Corp Jobs Board. Because of her unique combination of talents we have seen our customer satisfaction and retention markedly improve." Rob Altieri, Founder, One Village
Attract and Engage Talent

Some Cool Examples

Example: Dogeared

Check out how Dogeared is integrating environmental and social impacts into their bottom line .

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Example: Ian Martin

Check out how Ian Martin Group used the process to learn more about themselves and how to be a better company.

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