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Entrepreneurs want to command higher valuations, achieve greater impact, and build companies to last at scale with integrity. The B Corp legal and performance standards help ensure that B Corps and their investors meet all three of these objectives.

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A Few Examples
Attract Investors

Investors Speak

"We seek out exceptional, mission-driven companies creating long-term value, both financially and for humanity. AltSchool is a perfect example of a company that’s building a strong business while driving positive change. Their B Corp status allows the team to think beyond short-term profits and focus on fundamentally improving the education system for many decades to come."

Brian Singerman, Founders Fund

"We strongly encourage our portfolio companies to go through the [B Corp] certification process. We know that any company that regularly self-reviews — with the comprehensive and probing questions one must answer for B certification — that our partners are regularly thinking about their practices. Renewal gains a lot of comfort knowing that they are keeping attention on these vital elements of a responsible business. That makes our job easier, gives confidence to our investors, and builds momentum for others to engage in the process."

Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds

"B Corp re-imagines corporate governance in a way that drives value creation for all and creates lasting companies. We are pleased that our portfolio companies farmigo and Couchsurfing have embarked on these lasting paths."

Michael Eisenberg, Benchmark Capital

"There is so little commonality among social ventures that we have to evaluate investments on an individual basis. But if we know it is a B Corporation, we already know a lot about the company and its values."

Kevin Jones, Good Capital

"Our firm, Equilibrium Capital Group, is a B Corp, and one of a growing number of investors that are seeking to invest in B Corps and companies that explicitly create value for both shareholders and society."

David Chen, Equilibrium Capital Group

Entrepreneurs Speak

"Our shareholders knew about it, and supported it. Harvest Power is focused on profitability as a business, and I don’t think being a B Corporation contradicts that."

Paul Sellow, CEO of Harvest Power (recently raised $58 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins, Triple Point Capital, and Generation Investment Management)

"Our investor saw iContact’s focus on social and environmental responsibility as a point of differentiation with our competitors and a driver of long-term growth."

Ryan Allis, Founder & CEO, iContact (recently sold for $169 million)

"I knew that Nest would be a partner that would really safeguard the mission as much as I would. The whole model is about being a holding company for early-stage mission-driven companies to allow them to flourish."

Gigi Lee Change, Founder, Plum Organics (sold to Nest Collective which itself later became a Certified B Corporation)

"We raised capital and our lead investor was also a Certified B Corporation. The B Corp connection meant access to capital from mission-aligned investors."

David Murphy, Chairman, Better World Books

"Being a B Corp shows potential investors we are what we say we are. Most investors don’t know about the B Corp designation, but are very impressed when they learn about it. It shows we are a cut above with our green and sustainable creds."

Gary Barker, President, GreenHeart Global