28 Australian and New Zealand companies named Best in the World


28 Australian and New Zealand companies named Best in the World

28 Australian and New Zealand companies have been listed as Best for the World based on their impact to their workers, community, customers and the planet.

Every year, B Lab highlights the Certified B Corporations in the B Corp community that go above and beyond in their pursuit of positive impact. All B Corporations take the B Impact Assessment and meet verified score requirements to become certified. In the assessment, companies are evaluated on their impact of the environment, their workers, their customers and their communities; they also all meet the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Winning companies featured on the Best for the World lists scored in the top 10% of the B Corp community in each of the five categories - they are the top performers in an already exceptional group of businesses. Learn more about the criteria.

Of the 515 winning companies in 2016, honorees spanned over 30 coutnries and 44 industries. This year four Australian B Corps received the highest honour in the B Corp community, named Best for the World – Overall. Three Sista's (Queensland), Social Enterprise Finance Australia Ltd (New South Wales), Global Leadership Foundation (Victoria) and Aither (Victoria) are amongst the B Corps across the globe ranked as having the highest impact.

In addition to the four overall winners, 24 Australian and New Zealand organisations were recognised as category leaders.

Best for the Community

Best for the EnvironmentBest for the Workers

Best for the Customers

B cubed Management Consultants  
Community Sector Banking 
Global Leadership Foundation 
Our Community 

Climate Friendly 
Energy for the People 
Green Moves Australia 
Hive Construction Group 
Pangolin Associates 
Republica Organic
Seed Consulting Services 

Global Cycling Adventures 
Mkt. Communications 
Nation Partners 
O'Connells OBM 
Reho Travel 
Spark Strategy 
Australian Group Travel
Vivid Accountants & Advisers

Red Elephant
Three Sista's 

“We are thrilled to see 28 Australian and New Zealand B Corps make up the list of the best shared value companies in the world,” said Alicia Darvall, Executive Director of B Lab Australia & New Zealand, the not-for-profit behind B Corp.

“The Best for the World list highlights the best of an already exceptional field. These companies are redefining success in business by holding themselves to a higher level of accountability and transparency for governance, environmental, community and worker impact.”

“Today's champions are competing not only to be best in the world, but best for the world.  We hope it inspires many more companies to take the first step to becoming B Corp certified and measure their impact with as much rigor as their profit,” said Alicia.

There are now 145 certified B Corporations in Australia and New Zealand, and more than 1,200 companies are currently working through the assessment process. 

Explore the full Best for the World list here


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