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B Corp Bus hits the streets of La Trobe Valley

A big hurrah for our first mobile Certified B Corp. 

Following over 50 years of service, the La Trobe Valley Bus Line (LVBL) decided in October 2015 to take on a new venture and can now proudly announce that they are a Certified B Corp.

To commemorate this occasion, LVBL have revealed their new bus campaign, with their super low emission Euro 6 bus wrapped with the motto ‘B Connected’, proudly displaying their Certified B Corp logo. Founder and Managing Director Rhonda Renwick says, “LVBL became a Certified B Corp to encourage local businesses to take the first step towards redefining success”.

With over 90 buses and 120 staff, LVBL provides thousands of residents in the La Trobe Valley area with the opportunity to ‘B Connected’ daily, with a vital service that gets them to work, school, social engagements and health appointments.

LVBL is the only bus company that is a Certified B Corp in Australia and New Zealand, and it is easy to see that they are a bus company with a difference. Rhonda says “becoming a B Corp has allowed LVBL to align their values, meet other like-minded businesses and proudly pave the path to sustainability for local businesses in the La Trobe Valley”.

Their mission is to reduce carbon emissions, and increase the awareness on the important role public transport plays in this. Their environmental mission saw the introduction of Euro 6 to the La Trobe Valley. “One bus can reduce space on the road to the equivalent of 40 cars, so imagine as a community how much we can reduce our environmental footprint,” says Rhonda.

LVBL scored an overall of 43 points (with the median score of 17 points) in the Community section of the B Impact Assessment. Their efforts and support is directed at Kindred Spirits Foundation (KSF). The foundation helps individuals, groups and communities build on their strengths through skills and training in order to reach their dreams.

“People usually have answers to their own issues, what they need is support. KSF helps people stay on track and reach their destination mentally and spiritually, that’s why LVBL and KSF are closely linked. It’s about the journey”, says Rhonda.

La Trobe Valley Bus Line isn’t your everyday bus company. “We value our employees and see our La Trobe community needs as a priority”.  

Find out more about La Trobe Valley Bus Line here


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