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Make your B Corp pledge

We’re calling all Australian & New Zealand B Corps to pledge your action in supporting the movement in 2016. 

In order to help you (we know, too many choices can be difficult) make your pledge, we’re picked out the top activities and initiatives from the 2015  B Corp Planning Day. 


Lobby Australian Government for the Benefit Legislation
The Benefit Legislation project is extremely important to the B Corp movement in Australia. This project is calling for leaders to assist the Benefit Legislation Working Group in lobbying the Australian Government to adapt the new legal framework.

Create a B Corp procurement guide
In order to encourage multinationals and the ASX companies to procure from B Corps, we need to create a B Corp procurement guide. This project is seeking a leader ready to tackle and conquer the B Corp procurement guide project. The procurement guide ultimately serves and encourages multinationals to procure from B Corps, while fueling the questions around why and how.


Create the B Corp podcast
To continue shining the light on the amazing work the B Corp Community is doing, we’re calling for all podcast fans to help us create the very first B Corp podcast.

Join in and spread the message for the B Corp FMCG promotion 
The B Corp FMCG promotion is set to launch in February. In order for this to be successful, we need tons of support and love from the B Corp Community once we go live via social media.

Host a B Corp Community event in 2016
Love hanging out with the B Corps? We’re looking for B Corps to host the B Corp Community events in 2016. Whether its community drinks, luncheons or thought leadership forums, we’d love to hang out, connect and share stories with you.


Become a B Corp Ambassador
Love the B Corp movement that extra bit? Want to double the number of B Corps in Australia and New Zealand? Pledge to become a B Corp Ambassador. B Corp Ambassadors are volunteers who help purpose-led businesses through the B Impact Assessment.

Volunteer for the B Corp Leadership Development Organising Committee
The B Corp Leadership Development Day is a one day, professional development conference by the B Corps, for the B Corp Community. This project, though exciting, it requires several volunteers to help wrangle, promote and organise a one day conference.

Organise an event for B Corp volunteer month 
Our annual global B Corp volunteer month in July is truly a community program that brings us together. This project needs leaders who can help identify volunteer initiatives in their state for the B Corp Community to volunteer for.


Launch a B Corp promotional campaign for your business 
Want to scream ‘Proud to be a B’ from the rooftops? This project is the perfect opportunity for B Corps who want to spread their B Corp message far and wide. Here are some of the examples of the B Corp promotional campaign from 2015. 

Share your B Corp story via ‘Better Know a B’ blog
This project is calling on all B Corps to share their story for the ‘Better Know a B’ blog on the B Corporation website. By building our library of stories we’re ultimately preparing for any media inquiries and have strong local examples to draw on.

What’s next? Make your pledge today

Take action today – make your pledge against the projects identified above and help grow the movement in 2016.

All you need to do is tweet, Facebook or Instagram the project you want to support and #bcorpchamp when you make the pledge. 


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