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Beer, as it should be.

For Stone & Wood, good beer is their thing. Brewed and bottled in Byron Bay, Stone & Wood definitely takes a fresh approach to making handcrafted beer with the environment deeply influencing the brewery's culture, ethos and impact. At the Champions Retreat, we managed to steal a few moments with Jasmin Daly who looks after community engagement & marketing at Stone & Wood to learn more about beer as a force for good. 

How is Stone and Wood a force for good?
It is in the way we operate and strive to continue operating as a conscious business for our communities. For us that doesn’t mean just positively affecting our customers and drinkers, but all of our stakeholders. Treading lightly on the earth we walk on for the environment and connecting with our communities and working with our team to foster and develop a culture that makes sure we have win-win relationships with our suppliers is a part of how we do business.

How does a customer drinking Stone and Wood have a positive impact?
At the most basic level, it is about being able to take it slow and to connect over a couple of beers. When we started the brewery we really wanted to model it on what a village brewery was. In Europe it really was about the role the brewery played within the community, just like the butcher or the baker does. That is something that has been lost with industrialization, and with big breweries coming in and decentralizing the way of doing things. When we set Stone and Wood up, it was a matter of taking it back to being a hub, and having that responsibility to look after the people who support us to do the work that we do within those communities.

What does that village look like?
We started back in 2008 in the Northern Rivers of Byron bay. It has this amazing culture that is quite eclectic and conscious in the way things are done. It is a slow and deliberate way of living. We started a second brewery about 40 minutes down the road. Everyday we are impacted by the surrounds in which we get to live. We are surrounded by the amazing hinterlands that rolls down to meet the ocean. We are lucky to be a part of an incredible community.

How has your experience of the Champions Retreat been so far?
Amazing. It is very different to the beaches of Byron Bay, we are in the Red Centre surrounded by desert. It is a privilege to come out here and experience this ancient land and to learn about our Indigenous culture. From the Retreat so far, it has been really inspiring to meet others who are actively campaigning for businesses to be a force for good and to really be purpose driven in a way beyond just profits in the areas they work.

Be the Change
Moving to the Northern Rivers and taking the role was because I believe in what Stone and Wood stands for and the values they hold. It really is about supporting the community and people that support us. I feel very lucky within my role to be able to positively affect change within the team and the community.

They walk the talk and I feel stoked to be a part of a team that shares the same values. We’re not perfect but as a conscious business that is growing, it is our responsibility to continue looking at ways in which we can do things better, serve our community and our look after our planet… It is the only planet with beer!!


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