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Cube Group: Living public value

Cube Group is a management consultancy dedicated to supporting governments and not for profits deliver public value for the Australian community. We spoke to Jeremy Levine, Director of Cube Group to learn more. 

Why is Cube Group a force for good?
Cube Group exists to create public value in the community and enrich the lives of Australians. We strive to achieve our mission through everything we do, and by working with our clients to achieve great outcomes in their important work.  

Public value is our whole organisation’s focus. We only work with public value organisations who feel the same way we do and who contribute positively to the community – governments, councils, community services and not-for-profit organisations and public entities. We’re on a journey to learn more, do better and make a real difference in the community.

Since certification, how has decision making around aspects of the business changed or been influenced?
The B Corp certification was a game changer for us internally. It forced us to look holistically at our business – from what we do in the community, to our back of house policies and administration. Although we scored quite well on the assessment, the process helped to shine a light on parts of our business that we know and want to do better.

The effect was immediate. We’ve rippled B Corp principles through our operations and our supply chain. Some examples include a greater and more intentional focus on ethical purchasing, culture and diversity, and supporting other B Corps and socially minded local businesses. We’ve updated policies and developed new ones. We’ve got a list of others that we want to get in place. We’ve also started banking with a community bank, which is a change we’re proud of.

What are some tangible outcomes that have resulted from Cube Group certifying as a B Corp?
Our clients have taken notice that we’re a B Corp and are keen to hear more about it. Some have already been familiar with B Corp, and have been happy we’re Certified. For clients who are less familiar with B Corp, they’ve been inquisitive and we’ve enjoyed talking to them about the B Corp story. We’ve also found that several prospective clients have approached us specifically because we’re a B Corp.

In a recent employment round, we were happy with the number of applicants who were drawn to us, in part, by our B Corp certification. This was particularly true of the ‘millennial’ cohort, who expressed a strong desire to work for an organisation that puts public value and purpose, ahead of profit.

Within our organisation, we’ve started a great conversation with staff, have a group of change champions and have a roadmap of activities that we’ll lead in the short and medium term.

For another management consultancy looking to follow in Cube Group’s example, what do they need to know?
Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time reviewing your own policies and applying a critical lens to your business. See the scoring process as a learning opportunity – and the shortcomings as areas for opportunities to improve or be best practice. Make sure there’s at least a couple of people with the time and space to lead the application process.

Make sure you have change agents ready once you’ve achieved accreditation (or earlier if possible). Keeping up momentum and growing as a B Corp requires intentional, ongoing effort.

Similarly, consider introducing regular semi-formal reviews of progress – it’s easy for momentum to slow.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ - Mahatma Gandhi
What is Cube’s experience of giving effect to its values in your work and your everyday?

We know that if we’re going to live up to our mission and make a real difference through our business, then we have to demonstrably live and breathe public value. We’ve seen that this isn’t always straightforward. It means we have to think critically about, and qualify, each piece of work before we undertake it. That can have financial implications, but we're proud to prioritise aligning our work with our values and what we want to achieve. We’ve set high standards and commitments for ourselves about making a difference – and we can only achieve these when we put the community, the environment and our people front of mind every day, no matter how big or small the action might be. We can’t be complacent or look for easy options.

Becoming a B Corp has been pivotal for us and we’re loving the journey so. We’re looking forward to sharing and learning from others in the B Corp community as we seek to grow and improve further.






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