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Happiness is a key performance indicator at Happy Group. It is no surprise then that Happy Group is dedicated to embedding this value within all 3 entities of their business - Happy Space, Happy Brands and Happy Ventures. We caught up with Matt Lawrence, Founder & Director of Happy Group to learn more about how this philosophy guides the work he does in shaping and building communities.

Why is Happy Group a force for good?
We strive to make happiness successful and sustainable for all. We integrate our mission and values into our projects, focused on creating, evolving and provoking communities towards positive progression. We’re new kids on the block, but the seeds are starting to grow.

Since becoming a B Corp, how have you translated the value of your certification on to your stakeholders?
Mainly through advocacy and collaboration. We actively champion what the certification stands for with our like minded partners (who aren’t B Corps… yet), but also with organisations that we see having potential in the space. We talk about the connection and community you get access to, the immediate access and implementation of governance and ability to learn from incredible local and global members.  

How does Happy Spaces ensure it is creating an inclusive and connected community?
We focus on human connection (people and place) and the well-being of local communities we call home. We have a local first mentality, actively bringing in and collaborating with local members, businesses and partners. As we grow and evolve, we will increase our efforts by capturing the narrative and stories of the people, spaces and places, striving to become a nucleus of the communities we’re part of to give locals the opportunity to have an active say and involvement on how their communities are evolved.

As a leader in your local community, how does Happy Group envision being a greater champion for the B Corp movement overall?
Our initial plan is to increase our communication and awareness of the B Corp community through our branded content channels, by sharing the great stories of the other organisations that share the mark. We think the biggest opportunity for B Corp’s presence and growth is through consumer awareness, engagement and action and that vehicle for this is the collective narrative and stories of the local and global community. There’s some pretty amazing stuff happening out there. So, we’ll play our small part in doing that.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ - Mahatma Gandhi
What are your own lived experiences of the values in your work and your everyday?
Recently, we witnessed and were inspired by the seeds of greater human connection in our community. As a result, we made a commitment as a team to the role we wanted to play, which is ‘to create happiness by facilitating openness, trust, vulnerability and enhanced expectations of normality’. But it wasn’t enough to say it or write it down. We applied it to ourselves, creating the space for discovery, both individually and as a team taking our connection another level and memories that won’t be forgotten. We will continue to invest in this.


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