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Wholesome, ethically-produced and sourced food shouldn’t cost the earth. Thankfully these are the ethos that guide Sydney-based natural food retailer Honest to Goodness. Truly embodying what B Corps are all about; Honest to Goodness are doing things differently by showing consumers that being sustainable and organic is about more than just the product, it’s about the way you do business. We chat with Honest to Goodness co-founder Matt Ward to learn why he believes in “real food that loves you back”.

“Becoming B-Corp Certified in mid-2015 was an important step for Honest to Goodness as it was an opportunity to showcase our overall commitment to social and environmental standards” Matt Ward, co-founder.

When it comes to looking out for the environment, Honest to Goodness are leading the way with their practices (scoring 28 in this section). Not only is all of their food organically produced, they work with fair trade companies at home and abroad to ensure their supply chain is beneficial to all involved. Food miles are low with much of the produce being sourced locally.

But Honest to Goodness have also taken their environmental stance further than their product, they have made sure that their employees are working in an eco-friendly environment. Their warehouse and production facilities are certified organic, eco-friendly buildings and recycled shipping containers are being used to house their new showroom. Their waste levels are super low and only eco-friendly cleaning products are used. Honest to Goodness are showing us that being organic is about more than the product you supply, it is a way of doing business.

Honest to Goodness represent what B Corps are all about; they’re doing things differently.

They are using business as a force for good. Honest to Goodness show us that being sustainable and organic is about more than just the product, it’s about the way you do business. 

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