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AV1 is the first AV & Production company globally to be B Corp certified. With every event run, every projection display and every sound check they're existing as a force for good through their business. We spoke to Mollie Phipps to learn more about just how AV1 is attempting to make the world a better place.

Why is AV1 a force for good?
For AV1, people have always come before profits. And in order to do the best by our clients, staff, industry friends and the wider community, that means always looking for a better way of operating - to the benefit of all stakeholders. We never rest on our laurels. Instead we constantly evolve, learn and grow to improve our service and our impact. Recently our focus has been to get involved in more initiatives that support those who need it most and to help spread the word about the B Corp movement. We hope that others are inspired to get involved too.

As the first business of its kind in the events industry to be certified B Corp, how do you feel about your responsibility as being a champion for ‘business as a force for good’?
We were thrilled when we learnt that AV1 is the first AV company in the world to be certified. There’s no denying that in our industry we use a lot of power and energy to produce events. So it was only right that we looked at ways to offset those actions. We have found ways to reduce our negative impact and boost our positive impact not only within our own business, but also through the events we produce. By becoming certified and continuing to aim for improvement in our impact assessment score, we believe we can use our forum to inspire others in our industry to do the same. The responsibility to champion the B Corp movement within our industry is one we are proud to have.

A huge part of AV1’s certification relates to your company culture. What is it about the team that makes it so special?AV1 is often described as having a culture of caring. Our people care about the work they do, the clients they work for and the colleagues they work with. We all care more about providing great service than about making more profit. Each member of the team is passionate about giving back to the community and supporting those who need it most, so right from the beginning these values formed the company culture. We don’t think we’re special though. There are so many incredible people around us doing amazing things who inspire us to do more.

What has your experience been of being a part of the B Corp community?
We’ve just loved becoming more involved in the B Corp community. From meeting fellow B Corpers at events to learning about certified suppliers that we can work with - being a B Corp has opened our eyes to all the people and businesses out there that share our values and from whom we can learn. We’re helping produce the upcoming BLD event which we’ve really enjoyed being a part of.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ - Mahatma Gandhi
What are your own lived experiences of the values in your work and your everyday?

We run a monthly award at AV1 where everyone in the business votes for a colleague who displayed one of our values during that month through a specific action. It’s so heartwarming to read out everyone’s votes. We’ve noticed from running this award for the past 5 years that small actions by many individuals creates a really nice environment and the scope for making an impact is huge.



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