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Melbourne Official Launch Event

On Thursday the 28th of August, B Lab Australia was delighted to welcome one of the three co-founders of B Lab, Bart Houlahan, along with the 45 founding B Corporations in Australia to the Official Launch of B Lab Australia at the State Library of Victoria.

As well as the community of founding B Corps, this event also attracted a mass of professionals interested in learning more about redefining success in business. Filling the room with positivity, the audience was captivated by the leadership and knowledge of Bart as he discussed how B Lab was formed and why, explaining the important role business plays in trying to solve our most complex social and environmental problems.

Drinks following the Launch at Mr. Tulk

Following the Official Launch, guests were invited for casual drinks and canapés at the fabulous bar Mr. Tulk, whereby the conversation was continued into the evening.

In a space full of such energy and passion, the enthusiasm Australian businesses have that the B Corporation movement has finally reached Australian shores was evident, it was clear that business is ready to translate ideas into action.


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