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Most memorable quotes from #BLD17

Over the course of the day, there were many profound, thought-provoking ideas that were being shared. These are just a few that captured our attention. Have a read, and ponder upon how you can work towards using business as a force for good. 

"How do I make sure my indigenous interns feel like they are there not only because they are indigenous"? - Ensure it is a shared learning experience amongst the business so that they feel they are liberated to educate as well as be educated. 
-  Liam Ridgeway, NGNY

Business has traditionally been a social activity but people have come to define it as having an anti-social aim solely to make profit for shareholders.
 – Vincent Stanley, Patagonia

We had to illustrate that our product will last 10-15 years and demonstrate that the product costs nature more than we know to repay. We need to change the relationship between manufacturers and expectations of customers in order to create respect for social and environmental costs. A deepened understanding of those costs will bring the customer, suppliers & environmental community on a journey.
– Vincent Stanley, Patagonia on the challenges of communicating the impact of Patagonia’s business decisions  

Environmental crisis is starting to touch each of us personally. We can use business to solve the social and environmental issues that are now plaguing the world we live in.
– Vincent Stanley, Patagonia

When you express your values to your community, suppliers & customers from the start you're having a shared language. It doesn't work when you say you will give back when you make money. It is definitely much healthier to do this from the start with trust.
– Vincent Stanley, Patagonia on choosing to build a business from day 1 upon B Corp values.

Purpose is important for the evolution of the planet, to keep moving forward and deliver meaning. What the world needs more is business for good that is creative and full of passion.
- Justine Curtis, Inspired Adventures

If we ask better questions, we will get better answers and better solutions. There are three ways we can achieve this: 1. Removing biases 2. Go back to first principles 3. Ask questions that are bigger than ourselves
- Saxon Wright, Pablo & Rusty’s

Shareholders are still an important part of the business. Unless you're profitable you can't fulfil your ultimate purpose.
– Ben Summons, Stone & Wood

Benefit Company will ensure Directors work in the best interest of all stakeholders and not just shareholders.
- Kirsty Dixon, Marque Lawyers on the clarity and certainty afforded to directors when making long-term decisions

Authenticity and integrity are integral when talking about what we do as a business. We truly believe in what we do. From local to now global, the challenge to communicate B Corp is an exciting one to have. Cultivating storytellers within your organisation is crucial to building awareness of the 'B' both internally and beyond.  
– Kiera Murphy, 4 Pines

B Corp is the way to recruit and retain talent to accelerate change and increase the impact that we all want to see happen through our businesses.
- Landell Archer, Hit 100

Organisations need to understand the benefits drawn from ensuring a diverse workforce. At Beyond Bank, it is community integration and employee performance
– Deborah Beltrame-Rose, Beyond Bank

B Corp is a framework for continuous improvement. It energised the staff for them to understand who we are
- Jan Edwards, BDCU Alliance Bank

We need to take a good look at ourselves and assess how strong our leadership is if there is no diversity. Diversity is not a ‘nice to have feel good’, to talk about at BBQs. We want a diverse and robust society.
- Andrea Myles, China Australia Millenial Project

Purpose led businesses are in the minority because it's hard. Experience tells us that the easy choice is usually the wrong choice - particularly when you hire for purpose.
 – Michael Bradley, Marque Lawyers

The thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is gratitude.
– Audette Exel, Adara Group

Make change anyway you can - as purpose driven businesses, you can do this and more! You just have to think out of construct. Believe in people including yourself. I see greatness every single day in everyone around me.
– Audette Exel, Adara Group



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