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Socially Epic Chutneys

Eat Me Chutneys are a business who are obsessed with ethical, delicious chutneys. They are also really concerned by the levels of food wastage in Australia. The family run business combined these two interests by hunting down unwanted produce to create their rescued Chutney. Eat Me Chutneys dedication to minimising waste and their focus on community lead them to become a Certified B Corp.

The two areas where Eat Me Chutneys scored the highest, and well above average in the B Corp Certification Process were Environment and Community. Environmentally, Eat Me Chutneys is devoted to rescuing wonky, bruised and unsold produce. They have been motivated by the fact that; in Australia an estimated $10 billion of food is wasted every year, and of this amount, fruit and vegetables make up approximately 40-50%. To date, the mother, father and son team have rescued 1.23 tonnes of produce and converted it into approximately 9000 jars of chutney. In doing so they’ve prevented 3.4 tons of CO2 emissions; which is about 6 return trips between Sydney and Melbourne.

"Just like humans, fruits and vegetables come in all shapes and sizes. We at Eat Me Chutneys have set out to promote self-esteem amongst wonky yet gorgeous produce”. - Ankit Chopra, CoFounder    

Furthermore, Eat Me Chutneys source all their produce ethically, all produce is organic/chemical free and they source as locally as possible for the Fairtrade spices and sugars they use to give their chutneys that zing!

Community wise, Eat Me Chutneys have facilitated classes to educate and inform consumers on the issue of wasted foods. They have taught their produce-rescuing ways to approximately 1500 people. Further to this, the business donates over 50% of their profits to charity and has worked with several Australian not-for-profits such as Beard Season, Second Bite and The Girls and Boys Brigade.

With their dedication to the environment and involving the community – you can see why Eat Me Chutneys became a Certified B Corp. Learn more about their delicious business here.


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