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The Ripple Effect

-November 2017

- Newly certified Dan the Man Cooking explain to their customers what a B Corp is and why they're one. 
- Read how Adopt & Embrace B Corp certification has helped them track the magnitude of their otherwise unknown, carbon imprint.
- UHG, Teak Yew and Solar Analytics have together added over 30 Certified B Corp logos to their email signatures. 
- Future Super has proudly shared their framed Certificate of Interdependence and B Corp Certification on social media.
- Flora & Fauna announced that they're a B Corp in a LinkedIn post, and encouraged other businesses to get in touch with them to learn more. 

- Freerange Future in collaboration with Don Dunstan Foundation hosted an event for interested parties to learn more about the B Corp movement, in the hopes of hitting 20 B Corps in South Australia. 

- Kusaga Athletic has recently partnered with i=Change in an effort to give back a portion of sales towards development programs aimed at empowering girls and women. 
- Purposeful has interviewed Sally Hill from Wildwon, Ellie Harris from The School of Life and most recently Denis Moriarty from OurCommunity for the Humans of Purpose podcast. 
- Musketeers have been creating a monthly newsletter with input from other B's on ideas and tips for embedding the B culture in their businesses.

- Agency has increased its score from 84 to 90 in recertification.

October 2017


- We would like to acknowledge Marque Lawyers, Aspen Medical, Silver Chef and Australian Ethical coming together to assist in presenting the case for Benefit Company to the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) in a crucial meeting.
- Shoutouts to our new Bs Munch Crunch Organic and Cherished Pets for proudly displaying the B symbol on their websites and also to Duffle & Co. for sharing it with their fans on Facebook.
- Thrilled that SGS Economics and Planning have shared why they're a B Corp with their stakeholders on their website.

- Happy 2nd birthday and B Corp certification to Adopt & Embrace. Read Founder Paul Wood's blog post here.

- We're really digging Kester Black's blog post sharing with their customers their Best For The World recognition.

- There's nothing we love more than one B Corp shining the spotlight on another B Corp. Local Peoples has done exactly that by interviewing Kester Black in their latest publication, Matters Journal.

- Super cool that B Corps Hatched and Pablo and Rusty's have featured on Silver Chef's Profitable Hospitality podcast. Listen now! Naomi Arnold and Mike Davis from Purposeful respectively interviewed our Community Champion Charlie, and Community Builder Mindy for their podcasts.

- Check out TOM Organic's super cool promo video for their Empowered Women Grant.

- We are especially loving Cube Group's super inspirational video about why they're a B Corp.

- Well done to eWater Systems for winning the top Premier's Sustainability Award & Award for Innovative Products and Services! Good on them for strongly identifying themselves as a proud B Corps in their press release.

- Learn why Freerange Future has put their money where their values sit, by switching their banking to Beyond Bank.


- As part of Moral Fairground's Ethical Enterprise Conference, a B Corp breakfast was hosted. We were thrilled to have Tom Griffiths of Emma & Toms, Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup and Charlie Simson of Bellroy proudly fly the B Corp flag at the event.

- Currie Communications represented the B Corp movement as part of their presentation, all the way in Japan at the Public Relations Global Network Conference.

- Community Services.Net hosted Brisbane Community Drinks, with Food Connect and Stone & Wood gladly offering the food and refreshments for the evening.



- Purposeful has collaborated with Bellroy in their very first giveaway on the Humans for Purpose podcast.

- The team at BRM Projects have switched suppliers and only drink 4 Pines in their office now!

- Everyone at Beyond Bank received a personalised KeepCup in recognition of their hard work and service towards the organisation.


Congratulations to Hub Australia for increasing their Impact Score in their recertification. Well done!

September 2017

​B Lab founder Bart Houlahan and Silver Chef's Allan English, were interviewed on Radio National about Benefit Company. Listen here
Atticus Lawyers' Alexandra Doig proudly displayed name cards of our Community Building Associate Katie at their 9 to Thrive Expo stand for anyone interested in the B Corp movement, to get involved. 
B Corps scored a mention in an article Edge Environment's CEO Jonas Bengtsson wrote for The CEO Magazine addressing sustainability.
Allyson Lowbridge, Chief Customer Officer and B Keeper at Australian Ethical took to Good Money magazine to explain B Corp to its members.


- Jasper Coffee has prominently displayed the 'B' on its packaging - spot the B the next time you're at the shops! 


- Rankin & Co. and BRM Projects, two of our new Bs have added the B to their website, identifying themselves as businesses that exist for the force of good. 

Colin Macdonald from Aspen Medical took some time to sit with a potential B Corp from the same industry to talk about B Corp certification and how this movement is redefining success in business. Good on you Colin!
Tim O'Brien from Silver Chef is very graciously hosting a potential B Corp for a meeting when they visit Brisbane later this month to discuss being a B Corp. 

Everyone loves chocolate, especially Alter Eco chocolate! They have very kindly sponsored Hub Australia's Coworking Conference. 
With Benefit Company discussions ramping up, Marque Lawyers, Harwood Andrews, Clearpoint Counsel and Salvos Legal have joined forces to participate on the Benefit Company working group.
Beyond Bank and Spark Strategy are coming together to offer a workshop to NFPs based in South Australia to assist with developing their impact business models.
StartSomeGood and Dynamic 4 have partnered to create an exciting new 'giving app' called Ripple

Recently re-certified Eat Me Chutneys has significantly improved their B Score. Well done!  

August 2017 

Karn Ghosh, Founder of Hit 100reflects on how B Corp certification is part of the reason for getting him and the team out of bed everyday
In this very important Climate Change issue of Dumbo Feather, a huge B symbol graces the back cover thanks to an ad placed by PatagoniaGet behind this special edition here.
 - Michelle Coelho from Beyond Bank, Peter Tually from TeleMed Health Services, and Jamie Robertson from the B Lab Global Standards spoke alongside B Lab's Mindy at the Social Impact Festival in Perth. 
Carolyn Tate of Carolyn Tate & Co. has proudly incorporated the Certified B symbol on to the back of her newly published The Purpose Project. Get your hands on it here.
Landell Archer, Brand Manager at Hit 100, wrote about her decision to work for a B Corp.
Renee Flagg from ADAPT by Design, and Beyond Bank spoke at a Morning Tea about their B Corp journey in Perth. 
We especially love this profile of TOM Organic by Kester Black as part of their 'Kester Black Supports' series which shines a light on other businesses that are doing good work.
Honest To Goodness are wholesomely embracing being a B. They have not only added the Certified B symbol to all their packaging, but have also displayed their B Corp certificate in their warehouse and office to remind themselves of what it represents for their business.
Spark Strategy beat their B Corp drum by announcing their improved recertification score (up by 11!) in their newsletter.
Matt Drum, Managing Director of one of our new-Bies, Ndevr Environmental, has proudly announced their B Corp certification.
Still missing Champions Retreat Alice Springs? Fret not, Gayle Hardie from Global Leadership Foundation details her experience at the B Corp European Summer Summit in Portugal.

The running of the many events for the community last month have been made that much easier through our B Corps offering to host Morning Teas and  Masterclasses. Thank you Be CollectiveHub Australia and Beyond Bank Australia
Later this month, Phil Vernon, Managing Director from Australian Ethical Investments and Will Richardson, Chief Investment Officer at Impact Investment Group will be speaking on panels at the Ethical Enterprise Conference. 
Tosh Szatow, one of two founders of Energy for the People will be speaking at the Young Social Entrepreneurs Conference on his business and what it takes to run one. Get your ticket here. 
Dumbo Featheri=ChangeThe School of Life and Kusaga Athletic will be sitting on a panel sharing their B Corp stories and journey as part of a employee engagement panel organised by a business on the way to becoming a B Corp.
On the sunny shores of Byron Bay, Jasmin Daly from Stone & Woodand Dan Fitzgerald from Small Giants talked on a panel called People Planet Profit, about doing better business at a co-working space. Read the key takeaways from that session. 

B Lab Brazil and B Lab Taiwan worked on collaboration around Dumbo Feather's Climate Change issue. 
Aither has recently made the switch to Reho Travel for all their corporate travel needs. 
AV1 has also chosen Republica Organic to be their official coffee suppliers.
Capire Consulting hosted a B Corp CEO lunch in Melbourne with Talent NationBang the TableCurrie CommunicationsPortableReho Travel, and Tickbox.

July 2017 

Evident, New Zealand's 11th B Corp and first in the construction sector, shares the story of their B Corp certification journey. Have a read
As part of the Living Future 17 unConference, Evident ran a workshop in Seattle to 50 architects, designers and builders introducing them to B Corp certification. 
Food Connect, another one of newly minted changemakers, detail the practices that helped them achieve certification and why it should matter to their customers. Also check out their special promotion! 

The running of the many events for the community last month have been made that much easier through our B Corps offering to host Morning Teas, Masterclasses and Community Drinks. Thank you HuddleCommunity Services.NetImpact Investment GroupHub Australia and The Henley Club!
Allan English, Founder of Silver Chef spoke alongside Karen Barnett from Montville Coffee and Mindy Leow from B Lab at the Purpose beyond Profit panel at Chartered Accountants ANZ's Business Forum 2017. It was a highly successful event that garnered a lot of interest in the B Corp movement.
Working B's is an initiative led by Mandy Doon of Community Services.Net at co-working space Little Tokyo Two to support potential B Corps in Brisbane as they go through the completion of their BIA, in a really grounded and practical way to help progress certification. 

At a Morning Tea hosted by The Henley ClubEducation Changemakers participated in sharing their B Corp story and the importance of certification for their business. 
Tim O'Brien of Hatched, and Jasmin Daly of Stone & Wood Brewing Company sat on a Morning Tea panel   hosted by Community Services.Net
Talent Nation offered support to Beyond Bank on an important recruitment decision.
RetailOasisEat Me ChutneysPablo & Rusty'sAV1Musketeers and Nation Partners have come together to be on the steering committee to help put together the much anticipated BLD 2017 in Sydney. 
Global Leadership Foundation organised the BConscious Leadership breakfast with Matt Nation of Nation Partners and Triskel Consulting, to be held at Henley Club with coffee sponsorship by Jasper Coffee
Ellyn Martin and Rod Fraser of Business Growth Strategies host monthly dinners for the B Corp community in Melbourne, to facilitate for deeper and more meaningful connections for collaboration. Join their Facebook group and share a meal!
Beyond Bank and Freerange Future kindly sponsored Community Drinks in Hub Adelaide

Spark StrategyHonest to Goodness, Community Sector BankingLantern Legal GroupEducation ChangemakersCommunity Services.NetWildwon ProjectsCurrie CommunicationsEnergy for the People and TOM Organic have significantly increased their impact score from their last certification! 

June 2017

- 5 of our Champions Retreat attendees from Silver ChefCommunity Sector BankingAV1Edge Environment and Mentorloop wrote about their experience with the community in the desert. 
Huddle, Sendle, Australian Ethical Investment, 4 Pines Brewing Company, Mkt. Communications ran a panel event at Vivid Sydney about the rise of B Corps
Community Sector Banking and Honest to Goodness proudly announced their recertification for a second term on website 
2 of our newest B Corps Fair Food Forager and Thirst Studios shared their excitement and thoughts on their certification
Wealth Enhancers filmed a video case study with the ASX recently and in it spoke about the importance of being a B Corp
AV1 recently introduced a fellow events and hospitality company to the B Corp movement highlighting how the industry can make the world a better place

- Nation Partners, Sendle, Hub Australia, Freerange Future and Spark Strategy have graciously hosted Community Drinks across various cities 
Inspired Adventures, Capire Consulting Group and Henley Club have also hosted Morning Tea in Melbourne and Sydney

- Mentorloop had partnered with Vital Consult for their eMentoring program
Together with TOM Organic, Kooks, Method, Dr Bronner's, The School of Life Australia, AlterEco Pacific and Dumbo Feather designed a Mother's Day Hamper for sale on their website
Hub Australia and Spark Strategy came together to get product sponsorship from Honest to Goodness and 4 Pines for Sydney Community Drinks in June



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