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Unlawfully Setting Up For Recertification

Have you ever heard of a 170-year-old law firm, with over 150 employees closing down for the morning to focus on staff engagement and improving their community and environmental impact? We hadn’t either. Until Certified B Corp The Lantern Legal Group, broke the norm and did just that. The group, which houses Harwood Andrews and Sladen Legal, joined the B Corp movement in February 2015.

The Lantern Legal Group expressed to their staff “we want to challenge our business to be better and do more, more for our people, our clients, and the community and we need everyone’s help to do that”. And so came The Lantern Legal Group's B Corp Hackathon.

The session, which was held in both the Melbourne and Geelong offices involved all of The Lantern Legal Group staff getting together to brainstorm how they would improve their business in time for their re-certification. Rachel Bell, Marketing Manager, Harwood Andrews said the day was all about launching their 2016 B Corp engagement plan.

The plan focuses on how The Lantern Legal Group can improve their business in time for their re-certification, and how they can engage their staff with why they are a B Corp. The plan was made by the law firm’s B Corp Committee, who Rachel says “meet monthly and discuss what else we can be doing to further engage staff and further spread the word to our community [about the B Corp movement]”.

The plan divides the year up into quarters, and during each quarter The Lantern Legal Group staff will focus on one aspect of the B Corp Impact Assessment. For the first quarter they’re focusing on their environmental impact. One way they are improving The Lantern Legal Group's environmental score is by aiming to be more conscious about their paper usage; everyone has been given their paper usage figures from last year and set a challenge for teams to reduce their printing.

“Instead of people seeing the assessment and thinking ‘oh I don’t have control over that, I can’t improve that’, we wanted something tangible that people could do that made them feel like they were being part of our B Corp movement and making a difference. "We also encourage our team to come up with ideas which has resulted in all HR forms going online, an all in office clean-up, LED lighting installed in the Geelong office and a new process for printing letters. Our property law team have also been planting trees with one of the local charities”, says Rachel.

Next quarter The Lantern Legal Group will be looking at community, then governance, and then people at the end of the year. “We wanted to re-educate our people and we wanted them to have a better understanding of what it means to be a B Corp, so they can talk about it with pride. Really our whole year is about our staff, but we also want to improve our B Impact score at the end of the day, which in turn will make our business better, says Rachel.


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