B Corp Ambassadors

The B Corp Ambassadors, people using business as a force for good

The B Corp Ambassador program is an ongoing, global effort to showcase professional athletes using their business as a force for good. B Corp Ambassadors lead the way in their sport and for their sport by encouraging organizers, fellow athletes, and their fans to support communities and the environment. It's their call to action to B the Change. What's yours?

Dan Ross
Professional Surfer

"For me, seeing and learning the way that a company, like Patagonia, operates is such a refreshing thing to see within business. It’s not only about profit, profit, profit, but actually looking after people and places along the way you have an impact on. Coming in under that B Corp banner is about aligning with companies with those kinds of ethics."

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Chanelle Sladics
Professional Snowboarder

"I'm really proud to be a B Corp ambassador. I think it stands for the most ultimate change I want to see on the planet: a global movement where business is a force for good. And to me, it's the only solution."

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Forrest Shearer
Professional Snowboarder/Activist

"We all have the opportunity to make a difference. Let's work together for a better world: one where people use business as a force for good. This is B Corp. Imagine the possibilities."

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