Reho Travel: travel with impact


Reho Travel: travel with impact

Reho Travel is not your average travel agency. They are dedicated to giving back to the world that their clients travel around, and this is why they join thousands of companies across the globe to make a difference to the world we live in.

The two areas that Reho Travel exceeded average scores across the industry are in workers and the community. At Reho Travel their team of staff have unlimited opportunities for personal and career development.

“At Reho Travel, it’s important that our staff are empowered and the professional and personal development program is driven by the idea that the opportunity to travel widely allows people to gain experience through seeing the world,” said Karsten Horne, CEO and Managing Director of Reho Travel.

When it comes to the community, Reho Travel has a rich history of supporting positive change throughout developing countries. ‘Rehope’, their microfinance project in Malawi is responsible for supporting dozens of new local businesses and financed the education of several members of the local community. “10% of our profits go directly back to supporting our work in Malawi – it’s a project that’s quite close to our heart at Reho Travel”, says Karsten.

In 2014, Reho Travel partnered with Empower Projects to build a community bank to empower the people of rural Malawi communities. Empower Projects has a strong local team and a positive track record working at the grassroots.

“Often grassroots organisations are forgotten. If we want to create change and empower people in communities, we need to start with everyday people – the mums, dads and individuals giving up their time to support one and another. We are proud to support a grassroots organisation that are working towards achieving their goal of self-reliance”.

The Reho Travel team are also committed to influencing the travel industry to consider the entire supply chain. “As an organisation we have the power to influence and educate customers when it comes to choosing an airline for its low fuel consumption, a hotel in a developing world for its labour practices, or even a tour that has touch points with local communities”.

“We have the opportunity to really make a difference as an organisation and industry. Imagine the ripples we will see if customers intertwine travel and creating a positive world – imagine the change we will see in local and international communities,” said Karsten.

Reho Travel is undoubtedly a travel agency with a difference, they see further than the departure lounge. They see how travel impacts the world and has the potential to change the world we live in.

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