B Lab Global Partner Gathering 2018 in Chile!

After a little bit of travel to South America over the last month to meet with our B Lab Global Partners, the B Lab team is back in Melbourne. We return refreshed, exhausted, but full of innovative idea and limitless inspiration guiding where this movement is headed.

To level set, while we were at the Global Partner Assembly in Chile, the gathering centered around the following message:

"Chile, Latin America, and the World belongs to me, belongs to you, belongs to us, belongs to everyone. We are all global citizens where boundaries and borders are an accident. We are a truly global movement."

It is hard not to think of ourselves as a global movement when we had close to 150 people coming from more than 20 countries, it is refreshing to connect with our global tribe where everyone aligned with a shared purpose and sense of direction.

After connecting at the Global Partner Assembly, we went on into the Encuentro+B and, we had no idea what a treat we were in for! No words can do it justice, but Jay Coen Gilbert, one of the co-founders of B Lab might have been close in his share to the broader US/Canada and Global teams after coming back from Chile:

"Everyone should consider making it a priority to attend next year’s Global Partner Assembly, Encuentro+B (Mendoza, Argentina August 27-30), or any one of the other ecosystem gatherings convened by any of our global partners. It will be a great professional development opportunity and so much more. You will be inspired, and you will return refreshed, exhausted, and full of innovative ideas. You will return proud that what you have helped create is being evolved and improved in its impact all around the world."

Encuentro+B hosted by Sistema B, was the largest and most ambitious constellation of events in our movement’s history, with more than 700 people from dozens of countries coming together in a gorgeous lakeside volcano-facing setting. There were separate gatherings of B Lawyers, B Academics, large company CEOs, and a B2B networking events, all surrounding a core event with B Inspired production value, powerful keynotes, connective breakouts, and live music.
Oh, did we mention that the Encuentro+B began with a personal and substantive welcome via video from Chilean President Sebastian Piñera?!

And to close the week strong, we had the first ever Asia-Pacific Partner Gathering (you read that right, we had an Asia-Pacific gathering in South America!), with in-person representatives from our partners in Taiwan, Korea, China, and Australia; and input from our partners in Hong Kong/Macau, Japan and Singapore/Malaysia.

One of the important milestones of Encuentro+ B was the presentation of the open letter to the G20 nations, signed by The B Team, B Lab , GSG and Sistema B, supported by the We-All Global Alliance to discuss the global economy. You can check out the open letter signed by The B Team, B Lab , GSG and Sistema B, supported by the We-All Global Alliance.

Feeling like you missed out? Catch a glimpse of what Encuentro + B looked like by watching the welcome video on the opening day! 

So thank you, to every single one of you who is a part of this movement, thank you! It is each one of you who, everyday, is making this movement happen, changing the operating system of business and, ultimately, getting us all a step closer towards a more shared and durable prosperity for all.