Refreshingly Good: Cracking A Non-Alcoholic Cold One With Heaps Normal

In 2018 four friends, Jordy, Andy, Ben, and Pete recognised a cultural shift in the way we enjoy a drink – a wave of sober curiosity was on the horizon. Although this trend is now widely recognised with demand for non and low-alcoholic drinks on the up, at the time it was a concept that the friends admit had them laughed out of more than one bar.

Not deterred, they ignored the naysayers and set out to lay the foundations of what would become Heaps Normal, by re-engineering the brewing process to create a non-alcoholic beer that would satisfy even the fussiest cold-one-crackers.

As if the bar wasn’t set high enough, Heaps Normal launched its first beer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the uncertainty of the time, it’s a business decision that we’re sure would be seen as heaps not normal to some, and yet Heaps Normal has gone from strength to strength ever since. In fact, in 2022 their Quiet XPA was crowned World’s Best Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale at the World Beer Awards. We’ll cheers to that.

To celebrate their recent certification, we chatted with the Heaps Normal team about shifting what’s ‘normal’, giving back to the community, and their advice for aspiring B Corporations.

Cans of Heaps Normal's Non-Alcoholic Beers

Image: Heaps Normal

You’ve taken a pretty iconic fixture of Australian culture and given it a refreshing twist. Tell us about Heaps Normal and what you do.

Heaps Normal is an Australian owned non-alcoholic beer company on a mission to change drinking culture. We’re creating a new normal by sharing better stories and brewing a great tasting beer without the downsides.

We’re not here to talk about being sober or hold that up as the end goal. We want to normalise mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol.

Four men sitting by the beach, chatting and drinking Heaps Normal

Image: Heaps Normal

What makes Heaps Normal unique as a business, and what made you want to certify as a B Corp?

We believe that everything we do as a business has the opportunity to make a positive impact, so why waste it? Becoming a Certified B Corporation means that we’re holding ourselves accountable in pursuing these opportunities and continuing to be a business that benefits all.

What makes Heaps Normal unique is that we created the brand to be a dedicated non-alcoholic beer company from day one. 

With this, we are creating a purpose driven product that offers our community a more mindful drinking experience. 

By reducing the role of alcohol in our culture, we’re making more room for the good stuff – those deliberate, inspired and creative moments that make you feel alive.

A hand squeezing a Heaps Normal can. Beer is exploding everywhere.

Image: Heaps Normal

What practice would you like to see become a (heaps) normal part of doing business?

We would love to see giving back become a normal part of doing business. 

At Heaps Normal we have made some non-negotiable commitments to ensure we support our community as much as they support us.

Since day one we have had a standing commitment to donate a significant portion of our resources to effective charitable giving. We do this through our 2% Purpose Program with 1% going towards people and 1% going towards the planet. We also offer Volunteer Time Off and Matched Giving to all team members. As a result, we have been able to work with some great partners to achieve real positive impact and do our bit to transform our economy. To be able to give back is something our team are incredibly proud of.

A couple of women holding Heaps Normal cans.

Image: Heaps Normal

For aspiring B Corporations or those about to embark on the journey, do you have any advice?

Our first tip is to make it a business goal. 

Certification needs to span across the entirety of your business, so kicking it off as a team effort is a must.

Also seek out help if you need it. The B Corp community is incredibly generous and amazing at what they do. There are so many groups and individuals happy to share their time and knowledge if you only ask.

We have been fortunate to have met some remarkable people over the last two years as we worked our way through the certification process – each of them with their own unique and uplifting story. For us, the most inspiring part of certification is knowing that this community is growing and together we’re making business a force for good.

Lastly, it’s hard work but it’s meant to be. The end result is so worthwhile!

A big thank you to Heaps Normal for taking the time to share its journey with us. To find out more and explore their offering visit: