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Anywise Consulting Pty Ltd

Program and Project Management Support Digital Business Improvement Platforms
Certified Since: August, 2018
Location: Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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The B Impact Scores are being compared against all businesses that have completed the B Impact Assessment

Anywise was launched in 2014 to provide responsive, flexible and collaborative project management solutions.
The company specialises in providing high performing teams that quickly mobilise to help clients deliver their most challenging projects, particularly those that are under time pressure, high profile or under-resourced.

Anywise has demonstrated since 2014 that a for profit company can operate ethically, sustainably, make a profit, and have a positive social impact. B Corp certification enabled them to review their commitments, created enduring processes and structures and formalise what they have been doing all along.

Working in Government, Defense and Humanitarian markets, they have enduring and close relationships with the communities they support so have been committed to #BtheChange since they formed.

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