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Electrygen Pty Ltd Trading as Petawatt

Renewable Hydrogen Energy
Certified Since: July, 2016
Location: Beerwah, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Manufacturing

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Petawatt is a zero emission energy generator & retailer of sustainable electricity & co-generation products utilising sun, water & wind energy in the forms of photovoltaic & thermal solar, electrochemical & kinetic energy of both water and wind, to build a new energy model that makes the existing coal, oil & gas reality obsolete.

Petawatt complies with Statutory & Regulatory Certifications, local State & Federal with all of its products that apply to Land, Marine & Aeronautics, both remote off-grid communities as well as high density grid-connect communities including transport, above and below water transport and in our atmosphere and in space, while in the Board Rooms pursuing Petawatt's 100 year Business Plan, with vigour and patience.

Petawatt has sustained its hydrogen energy system with a robust physics foundation, building a new Corporate structure, Advisory, Governance and Management Boards, Financial Audits and Technical engineering teams, Oceania Distributorships, International Vendors, a very small group of Shareholders, Financial Services Investors and a 55 in-pipeline potential Client base, Intellectual Property and Trade Marks.

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