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Energy for the People

Energy and financial modelling, procurement and project services
Certified Since: November, 2014
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Energy for the People's founders, Tosh and Alex, were both working in large organisations when they met. They were agitating for a new energy market - one that was customer-focused and supported important social and community aims, not just the bottom line. A timely introduction by a mutual friend put the two together and, six months later, Energy for the People was born.

Energy for the People's role is the provision of independent, clean energy services. To support the aim of transitioning to a democratic energy market, the company ensures its clients fully understand their energy options and make well-informed energy decisions.

Energy for the People’s is seeking to rapidly transform the energy market, turning energy customers into energy citizens, who are engaged, and educated, about their energy choices. They seek to turn everyday people into proactive agents of change, accelerating the uptake of clean energy, while delivering on broader community goals such as social justice and equality.

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