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Recruitment services, reduce the cost of hiring, donating 20% of fees to charity
Certified Since: October, 2019
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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innovate360 is a full-service recruitment agency that operates as a social enterprise. Charging less, whilst providing exceptional service, innovate360 offers an exemplary track record when it comes to fulfilling even the most challenging of recruitment assignments. As part of its social purpose, innovate360 donates 20% of ALL recruitment fees to a Charity / NFP nominated by the client.

innovate360 provides recruitment services on a National basis in areas including Executive, Information Technology, Finance, Science & Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, ESG, Sustainability, Medical & Health Services & Charity / NFP.

With its unique & highly targeted model of resourcing, the team at innovate360 delivers exceptional talent, assisting business to:
● Attract & retain high calibre, highly engaged staff
● Generate positive public relations & marketing messages across the community
● Build trust & community goodwill
● Create an environment conducive to business growth & competitive advantage
● Reduce cost

For the NFP sector, innovate360 represents a revolutionary new, proven & previously untapped source of ongoing & sustainable funding.

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