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Proactive tax and business advisory services
Certified Since: December, 2014
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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O’Connells OBM is a team of proactive chartered accountants and business advisers who, put simply, help their clients get what they want – whether that’s building a better business, better protecting their assets, achieving financial independence – the list can go on.

To do that, O’Connells OBM think proactively, ask key questions, challenge the status quo and meet regularly with their clients to discuss and kick around thoughts about their client’s overall situation – the bigger picture.

That approach fits with what O’Connells OBM is all about – creating a positive impact in the lives of people connected to them.

Success in business for O'Connells OBM starts with how the individuals inside a business are treated. They believe that if a business can be run in such a way that allows employees to think, act and feel like business owners – powerful and positive things can happen.

They’ve seen that for themselves, as players of The Great Game of Business – an open book management approach that not only improves business results, but the lives of the people who drive those results – which fits perfectly with what they are all about.

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