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TeleMed Health Services

Telenuclear medicine and paramedical services
Certified Since: December, 2016
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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TeleMed is a health technology company which aims to improve health outcomes through the development and operation of e-health innovations, primarily in the specialty of nuclear medicine. It is strongly focused on addressing the disparity in medical services that exists between the metropolitan sector and the rural and regional communities of Western Australia.

Mortality and morbidity rates in rural centres remain at disappointing levels and the themes of social inequality remain prominent in Telemed's mind. They strongly believe that through their efforts in helping rural patients and their doctors in their delivery of a clinically significant diagnostic service represents a positive contribution to the fabric of their society, particularly for the benefit of the all too often marginalised members of their stateÕs regions.

Nuclear medicine plays an ever-increasing role in the diagnosis and management of the diseases of ageing and Australia's two biggest killers: cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is well established that greater accessibility to medical services leads to better outcomes for patients and lower downstream health costs.

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