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TheStoryBoxes Pty Ltd

Film, media, digital content, storytelling
Certified Since: September, 2015
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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TheStoryBoxes is an award-winning collaborative storytelling studio committed to telling and sharing stories through sustainable, effective means. By intertwining heart-felt personal narratives with stunning visual imagery, they create captivating and emotive experiences that engage audiences, communicate ideas, and incite change.

TheStoryBoxes aspires to communicate stories that give communities cause to take action and make a difference. Through their films, they want to give people a chance to share their values and beliefs with others, ultimately striving to foster a global culture of sustainability, social justice, compassion, and diversity.

Purpose-led in their storytelling, TheStoryBoxes take the time to understand the reasons and behaviours that motivate a person to share their remarkable story. ItÕs a strategy that combines the empathetic powers of the heart with the proactive curiosity of the mind.

TheStoryBoxes aims to cherish the human spirit in everything that they do. They know that to change the world people and their purpose must first be understood.

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