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Triple P International Pty Ltd

Provider training; publications, online courses; implementation framework
Certified Since: September, 2017
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Licensed to disseminate the Triple P Ð Positive Parenting Program,Triple P International is committed to putting evidence-based parenting in the hands of every parent around the world.

Talk to the staff at Triple P International in Australia (or at Triple P America, Triple P UK, Triple P Latam, Triple P Parenting Canada, Triple P Deutschland, Triple P in Hong Kong, or Triple P New Zealand) about why they work where they do and a common theme emerges. ItÕs a theme that aligns perfectly with the B Corpª philosophy to Òbe a force for goodÓ. Because working for a company that exists to help empower parents and help families create conditions that allow children and teenagers to reach their full potential Ð well, thatÕs something that TPI employees are rightly proud of.

Triple P International has always been a pioneer in using a for-profit business model that acts like a social enterprise in the dissemination and implementation of family support services. Licensed to disseminate The University of Queensland-developed Triple P Ð Positive Parenting Program¨ globally, TPI has trained more than 80,000 providers in more than 25 countries.

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