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100% Organic Vegetable Drinks and Juices
Certified Since: November, 2018
Location: Silla, Valencia, Spain
Sector: Manufacturing

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Since adhara's inception, they knew that their company had to be different. Not only did they want to make the best and most tasteful 100% organic juices and drinks. They were born with the idea of doing business in what they believed was the right way. They care about people as much as being sustainable over time. And, over all, they seek to change lives.

They change lives because:
- They are 100% organic, therefore minimizing their environmental impact. They help preserve the planet. They raise awareness of the need of replacing conventional agriculture that is so harmful for the land and the atmosphere.
- The vegetable drinks they manufacture help consumers incorporate healthy product into their diets, improving their health. They also, evangelize, divulge and raise awareness of healthy habits and foods, as well as harmful ones and how to replace them.
- Lastly, adhara is committed to improving its community, by employing people from groups at risk of social and labor exclusion. At least 33% of their working force comes from these groups. This is not only a verbal commitment, but one that is signed and shared by all of their shareholders.

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